When the success of your business depends on the quality of your products and services, nothing should be more critical than the range of products one offers in rendering the toilet and washroom hygienically clean and hassle free.

Sanitary Bins

Type: 30 litre polypropylene sanitary bin

Quality Assurance: This unit can be serviced on a weekly, two weekly or monthly bases. During each service the contents of the bins are removed & taken off site to be incinerated by a certified waste incineration company.


Soap Dispenser

Type: Liquid Soap Dispenser

Quality Assurance: 1.1 litre refillable dispenser manufactured of ABS plastic. Dispenser and contents are totally secure as the cover locks into the base.


Hand Cleaner Dispenser

Type: Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Quality Assurance: This superb hand cleaner removes dirt, grease and oil easily, leaving hands absolutely clean and smooth. Non allergy producing and with a built-in disinfectant has 16 ingredients designed to achieve maximum results.


Fragrance Unit

Type: Auto Aerosol Dispenser

Quality Assurance: A single dispenser with pre-set operation controls odours in up to 170 cubic meters of space for 30 days. ABS corrosive resistant covers. Sensor and selector switch. Adjustable spray settings. Improved efficiency. Timer.


Sanitizer Unit

Type: Auto-Sanitizer Unit

Quality Assurance: The active chemical – Purinel – contains DBQ, which has a 100% kill on all bacteria, viruses & fungi. It therefore prevents the risk of diseases and cross infections. The chemical cleans everywhere the water goes. It prevents scaling and unsightly stains, which leaves the urinals & toilets sparkling clean & odour free.


Toilet Seat Disinfectant

Type: Liquid Toilet Seat Cleaner

Quality Assurance: This unit contains a 300 ml cleaning fluid, which gives you about 1000 wipes. This cleaning fluid is a super hygienic, containing cleaning, neutralising and surface-active agent. The fluid is environmentally friendly and produces no harmful dermatological side-effects. It is pleasantly perfumed and in 99% biodegradable. This unit is keeping up with European Standards


Paper Towel Units

Type: Reflex Unit

Quality Assurance: This unit automatically dispenses one 33 cm towel at a time. The dispenser has a separate bracket for stub rolls. Control consumption, prevent wastage & saves costs. Dispenses 450 sheets per roll.

Type: Multi-Fold

Quality Assurance: Lockable dispenser, eliminates theft. It is hygienic, as the towel is only touched by the user. Both interleaved paper or loose paper.


Type: Roll Control

Quality Assurance: Dispenses a fresh sheet every time, ensuring hygiene as the towel is only touched by the user. Easy to clean and watertight, it can be hosed down. No batteries and no metal parts to rust.


Toilet Roll Holders

Type: TR2, TR3 and TR5

Quality Assurance: Available in white or stainless steel. All models incorporate the tamper-proof locking system. Available in 2,3 and 5 roll dispensers.


Automatic Hand Dryers

Type: Various – Optional with Stainless Steel or White

Quality Assurance: These units provide a stream of warm air at a rate of 150 m/h which dries your hands within 20/25 seconds. This vandal resistant unit is constructed in reinforced ABC plastic (or stainless steel) which cannot be damaged by cigarette burns. With a noise level of only 65 dB it is extremely quiet.

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