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Complete, fast, effective and hassle-free pest control and hygiene services

Pest control and hygiene services are one of the most important ingredients in the food, beverage and HACCP industry.Our pest control and hygiene services offer a complete, fast, effective and hassle-free solution customized to your business’s needs and specifications.

Our trained and expert pest control and hygiene teams will quickly identify and pest or hygiene problem that you might have. We will then customize and comprehensive pest control and hygiene program to eradicate any problems you may have.

We have our own in house HACCP, GFSI, BRC and ISO auditor that can keep your facility up to date with all the relevant food and safety regulations.

All our services are done to HACCP, GFSI, BRC and ISO Standards.

We also have a full range of HACCP equipment, chemicals and brush ware.

Without a comprehensive Pest Control Management Plan you run the risk of losing customers, costly fines and disruption to your day to day operations.

Our IPM program consists of:

  • Inspections of facility interior and exterior.
  • Identification of pests and analysis of activity.
  • Treatment of affected areas and implementation of methods for controlling pests.
  • Recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity.
  • Continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness and any necessary modifications.
  • Education, upon request, of the facility’s staff, addressing actions and conditions that affect pest activity.

Pest Control as well as Pesticides are regulated by 3 laws in Saudi Arabia

Act 36 of 1947, Fertilizer and Farm Act

All pest control were the public or staff have access to must be done by a registered pest control operator

National Heath Act R918 (HACCP)

All pest control were the public or staff have access to must be done by a registered pest control operator.

All food facilities, shops, restaurants, kitchens, any place making food, drinks or anything to do with food or drinks must have pest control done on a monthly basis by a registered pest control operator.

Occupational Health and Safety Act

All pesticides are classified as hazard chemicals and must be applied by registered pest control operator.

All food facilities, restaurants and kitchens must have pest control done on a monthly basis.

All other facilities must have pest control done on a 3 monthly basis.

If untrained and unregistered people or companies do pest control or apply pesticides & herbicides they are breaking all of the above laws. These people and companies will be liable for a R250 000 on the spot fine and criminal prosecution.

The following pest control services must be done on a monthly basis:

  1. Insect control (Cockroaches)
  2. Rodent Control
  3. Flying Insects

Crawling insect control – Cockroaches

When treating for cockroaches and crawling insects you cannot just use 1 or 2 products and just treat in 1 or 2 places. You have to treat the whole facility or the insects will just move to other areas. Every time you wash floors, vacuum or do a proper clean you remove 30% to 40% of the pesticide residual. So if you do a proper clean once a week there will be No residual left at the end of the month. All food facilities must clean at least 3 to 4 times per day, so at the end of the week there will be No pesticide residual left. That is why the pest control company must use more than 1 type of pesticide and method.

They must at least use the minimum following pesticides and methods:

  1. Cockroach Gel
  2. Residual Spray
  3. Flushing Agent
  4. Dusting powder / Granules
  5. The treating of the whole restaurant, kitchen and facility with a residual treatment. This has an immediate knock down and leaves a residual that kill crawling insects that crawl over it afterwards.
  6. The putting out of a cockroach gel. That attracts the roaches to it so that they can eat it and die.
  7. The use of a flushing agent to flush out the cockroaches and kill them.
  8. The putting out of a dusting powder under the counters and fridges.
  9. Insect monitors must be place throw out the facility to help monitor any insect activity
  10. This must be done monthly.

Rodent control

  1. Tamper proof rodent stations must be placed left and right of all door or openings leaning into the facility. – rodent bait is toxic and by law must be placed in tamper proof rodent stations to keep the poison safe from children, animals and to prevent company sabotage.
  2. No rodent bait may be placed in cardboard rodent boxes.
  3. Further tamper proof rodent bait stations must be placed every 10 to 15m inside the facility or if the facility is small 1 to 2 units against every wall.
  4. All these units must be serviced on a monthly basis.

Fly control:

  1. Flying Insect Glue Board units must be installed and serviced on a monthly basis. – No electric shock flying insects may be used.

If your pest control service provider do not do all the above you can be left with an ever increasing pest problem.

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