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Ant Control isn’t always an easy fix. Some ant infestations have nothing to do with how clean or dirty your home is. It could be that your home is simply a haven for ants.

This can create problems for homeowners when ants move into your home, kitchens, cupboards, food, bathrooms, gardens, paving, garbage bags, pantry shelves, pet food bowls and electrical equipment.

Ants can destroy electrical equipment like TV’s. Washing machines, fridges, security beams, gate motors, etc. and your insurance does not cover these losses.

All the products that we use for ant control is colourless, odourless and safe for people, children and animals and no-one needs to be out of the home or building.

We use a 3-phase system:

  • A residual spray
  • Ant gel
  • Flushing agent

Every time you clean, wash or vacuum you remove 30% to 40% of the residual so if you do a proper clean once a week there will be no residual left at the end of the month to kill any new ant infestations.